Paddleboard FAQs


Q: What does “SUP” even mean?

SUP is a widely used term in the paddle boarding community that stands for “Stand Up Paddle” or “Stand Up and Paddle”.


Q: Do the boards include the Fins?

Yes. All of our boards will be shipped with the appropriate fins.


Q: There is a small bubble in my traction pad, is this normal?

Yes. During the installation of the pad air can get trapped between the board and the traction. The air can expand under heat causing a small bubble under the traction. You can ‘pop’ the bubble with a needle to release the air and re-adhere the traction pad to the board.


Q: What's included with the Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard?

All packages include the board, fins, hand pump, paddle, bag and repair kit.


Q: How long can I keep my board inflated for?

You can store your board inflated for a prolonged time if stored in a temperature controlled room. If the temperature may fluctuate outside of 60-85 degrees we recommend deflating the board for storage to eliminate the risk of damage due to air expanding and contracting. You may need to add air after storing the board inflated.


Q: What PSI do I inflate my board to?

We recommend inflating your paddle board to 12-15 PSI for optimum performance. Never over-inflate your board or you may void your warranty.


Q: Which way does the paddle go when paddling?

All blades are angled so the when paddling the angle should face forward. The forward facing side also has our logo on it so the logo should always face forward.

Cooler FAQs


Q: What are custom handles?

Since our patent pending handles are hand-crafted, we can make them in any color combination paracord you'd like. There is an additional charge of $20/cooler. Please mention custom colors when placing your order and allow an additional 2 weeks for delivery.


Q: Is there a warranty?

Yes, Rooker Outdoors stands behind its products and offers a 5-year limited warranty. Please ask us for details.


Q: Are they durable?

Coolers by Rooker Outdoors are not only durable but they are also resistant to the elements. Our coolers are rotomolded out of durable UV resistant LLDPE plastic, using the same process as most plastic kayaks on the market. We also use stainless steel fasteners and tether for marine grade durability.


Q: Do you offer other coolers?

We only offer white coolers at this time, however you can make your Rooker custom by ordering custom colored paracord handles. Please refer to the other FAQ on this topic for more details.


Q: What about wheels?

We presently have a limited number of Rooker Outdoors Roller 45 liter coolers for sale.

Accessories FAQs


Q: Why aren't there any accessories FAQ's here?

We haven't had that many just yet. If you have a question, please contact us today.

Drinkware FAQs


Q: How do we wash the drinkware?

If you want to keep them in the best working condition, we recommend never putting them in the dishwasher. Wash them under cold water with soap and you'll be just fine.


Q: Is there a warranty?

Yes. All of our drinkware products have a lifetime warranty. If you ever receive any drinkware item that has a malfunction, we'll be happy to replace it for you. View our return policy page for more information.

If you have any questions not listed here, please contact us. We'd be happy to help answer any questions you may have.