Caladesi Yellow/Blue

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Caladesi Pink/Blue

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Caladesi Grey/Red

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Built For Everyday Use

The All Around Inflatable SUP For Everyone


The Caladesi Series was created with one thing in mind, fun. We feel there is nothing better than a nice paddle on the water, so we wanted to make a board that is not only affordable, but easy for everyone to use.


With a Military Grade PVC shell, multi-layered inner core and cross stitched vertical ribs (for added support), these boards are built to handle anything you can throw at them. Except knives. Don't Throw knives at them. It will definitely void your warranty.


Includes: Board, Bag, Hand Pump, Paddle, Fin & Key, Repair Kit

Colors: Blue/Yellow, Blue/Pink, Red/Grey

Dimensions: 11' x 32" x 6"

Board Weight: 25lbs

Loaded Bag Weight: 30lbs

Max Pressure: 15psi

Max Capacity: 300lbs


Multi-Layer Military Grade PVC Construction

Front Tiedown Bungee System

No-Slip Eva Deck Pad

Easy-Pump Lock Tight Air Valves

Easy Grip Carry Handles

Rear D-Ring Leash Clip

How To

We're currently filming all of our tutorials, but in the mean time, check out our FAQ's section.


The Entire Package

The Bag: The Rooker Paddle bag is an easy cary and fits your board (deflated of course), the paddle, hand pump, fin & key, and repair kit.


Mini Board Pump: A two stage pump that makes inflation and deflation a breeze! Pun intended.


Retractable Paddle: Our aluminum paddle breaks down into two pieces and adjusts to fit any size paddler.


Adjustable Fin & Key: An easy to install fin and key with a slide adjust for even more control over your board.


Repair Kit: Accidents happen, we know, so we decided to include a patch kit in case of an emergency.


Your Board. Your Color.

We built these inflatable paddle boards for everyone. The Caladesi Series comes in 3 different color combinations giving you a bit of self expression with our Rooker Outdoors level of quality.

The Inflatable Difference

These aren't your grandpappy's river rafts. Rooker Outdoor's inflatable SUPs are the next level in portability, durability, and all around fun on the water. Our mission was to create a board that is easy to transport, setup, and built tough. The Caladesi Series give you the ability to paddle and explore as far as you can imagine.

Take them on the boat to your favorite island for a relaxing paddle.

Hike them up your favorite river for an epic paddle back downstream.

Pack them into the trunk of your car for a convenient afternoon session.

Check them on to your next flight for a paddle across the country or overseas.


simply Pack It Up And Go

Our favorite aspect of our inflatable lineup is the ease of transport. Our ComfortPAK bags make hiking a breeze and they only weigh 35lbs fully loaded. It's like carrying an adorable large puppy on your back.

Accessories For Your Adventures

Your board comes with a pump, paddle, bag, and fins, but we've got some awesome gear to up your adventure level to an 11 (because you'll already be at a 10).

  • Rooker Dry Bag

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  • Stainless Wine Cups

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  • Rooker Canteen

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  • Two Stage Electric Pump

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