Paddlling the waters in Hawaii


If you love to travel and you love having your own water toys with you, these inflatable stand-up paddle boards allow you to love both at the same time with relative ease and ...
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benefits of sup yoga

Benefits of SUP Yoga

With the growing popularity of stand up paddle boarding comes the need to explore every inch of it's capabilities. Aside from cruising around and fishing, many have set their sights on these boards ...
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florida river paddle boarding

5 Amazing Rivers to Paddle in Florida

Florida is a historic destination when it comes to outdoor activities. No matter where you go, there is a beautiful beach, lake or river to explore. The weather is sublime year-round and aside ...
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backwater paddle boarding

Backwater Dreaming

Pure solitude. I was able to put my back pack on and follow a trail near my home that I hadn’t been on in years. I had remembered that the trail had access ...
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