Premium performance coolers.

What you need from a cooler, Rooker Outdoors coolers offer – top class durability and a core cooling construction set on keeping things cool. Your ice lasts longer which means your activities can last longer. We have a variety of sizes to choose from to support your individual need.

Add accessories like our anti-skid cooler tops, our exclusive CoolNet™ and custom color paracord handles to add some personal flair and to make your performance Rooker Outdoors cooler perform even better for all your outdoor activities.

Rooker Outdoors coolers provide:

Top Performance
Rugged Durability
Affordable Pricing
Other Features

Your cooler is an essential part of your outdoor gear. From family trips to fishing, diving and paddling adventures, you always need your cooler to keep your provisions cold and your catch fresh. You take the performance of your outdoor gear seriously because your enjoyment, and in some cases your health and safety, depend on that equipment to perform at a high level. With ice retention of up to 8 days*, your cooler will save you hundreds of dollars and countless trips to the convenience store for bags of ice.

*Optimal ice retention achieved by adding the appropriate amount of ice (2-1 ice to beverage ratio recommeneded) to cooler before adding cold beverages and limiting continual lid opening.
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You have probably experienced the issues brought about by poorly constructed coolers. Lessons learned from years at sea prove that the best tools are the ones that work day-in and day-out without fail. Rooker coolers are rotomolded and insulated (maintaining your ice longer), latches are heavy-duty rubber, with braided paracord handles providing for easy transport. Lid gaskets are durable freezer grade rubber to lock the cold in and keep the heat out.

With a price that is up to 30% less than the competition, performance coolers by Rooker Outdoors provide the same quality and reliability that you expect from your outdoor equipment at a price that will not bust your gear budget.

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  • Full PU insulated shell, for superior ice retention
  • Full D-type freezer gasket and turned-up lip for proper seal
  • Corrosion resistant durable rubber "T" latch
  • Reversible skid/anti-skid feet>
  • Oversized tethered drain plug
  • Heavy duty paracord handles(patent pending) for easy transport
  • Rotomoulded outer/inner shell for extreme durability
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Everything is cooler with Rooker Outdoors.

Regardless of your needs, we have the right cooler for you and your activities. Look at our accessories for ideas on how to personalize your Rooker Cooler and add elements to make it even more useful during your outings.

You can:
—Add a non-skid cooler top to make a great fishing platform or to add some color or your logo
—Get custom colored handles to match your boat, your truck or your favorite sports team
—Add our exclusive CoolNet™ to keep provisions out of the ice and out of your way™

Explorer 25



Rooker 70



Rooker 120




Insulated Growlers

Take one of these double wall, vacuum sealed, stainless beer growlers to be filled and become the envy of your friends. Hand-wash only.

Add your own logo for an additional fee. Contact us for details.

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Stainless Stemless Glasses

You'll be the talk of the party with these doublewalled, stainless stemless wine glasses. Hand-wash only.

Add your own logo for an additional fee. Contact us for details.

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Available in a variety of color combinations, these snapbacks are stylish and comfortable. Other colors available, email us at interest@rookeroutdoors.com for more information.

Choose your colors:




This unique cooler storage net keeps items out of the ice and out of your way™ while freeing up valuable cooler space consumed by the baskets of other coolers.

Buy it installed or in a retrofit self-install kit. Add $35 installed, $24.95 for the kit.

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Non-skid Cooler Tops

Adding a non-skid cooler top not only adds a bit of flair to your cooler, but also converts your sturdy, performance cooler into a great platform for fishing.

Certain restrictions apply for color combinations. Please contact us for more information.

Select cooler size



Custom Paracord Handles

We can provide our paracord braided handles in a variety of colors and color combinations to match your other gear or just your preference.

What two colors?



You have questions, we have answers

We are happy to answer any of your questions and below are some of those most commonly asked along with the answers.

Who is Rooker Outdoors?

Rooker Outdoors, Inc. is a company founded in Florida by active outdoorsmen and women seeking to provide a durable and efficient cooler. We needed a means to keep provisions cool during long days of play and this spawned the idea for Rooker Outdoors.

Are they durable?

Coolers by Rooker Outdoors are not only durable but they are also resistant to the elements. Our coolers are rotomolded out of durable UV resistant LLDPE plastic, using the same process as most plastic kayaks on the market. We also use stainless steel fasteners and tether for marine grade durability.

What are custom handles?

Since our patent pending handles are hand-crafted, we can make them in any color combination paracord you'd like. There is an additional charge of $20/cooler. Please mention custom colors when placing your order and allow an additional 2 weeks for delivery.

Do you have other colors?

We only offer white coolers at this time, however you can make your Rooker custom by ordering custom colored paracord handles. Please refer to the other FAQ on this topic for more details.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, Rooker Outdoors stands behind its products and offers a 5-year limited warranty. Please ask us for details.

What about wheels?

We presently have a limited number of Rooker Outdoors Roller 45 liter coolers for sale.

Thank you.

Thank you for your interest in a Rooker Outdoor Premium Performance Cooler. We are certain you will enjoy the benefits that come with buying a quality cooler. If you like your cooler, let others know. If you have any issues, please let us know.

Please contact us with any questions or special requests at interest@rookeroutdoors.com.